A dental professional reviews and e-quips himself with new electric toothbrush

June 19, 2018

At SLimDental we offer much of the latest technology. However, I must admit that sometimes we like to stick to the tried and true. Although we carry much of the latest technology, I tell staff and patients that, “we only use the ones that actually work.” For example, I have a CAD/CAM system which cost about $120K, but sits collecting dust most of the time because I’ve only been able to find one application where it is more useful and better than traditional methods. The crowns it produces are inferior to the ones we receive from our dental laboratory. It sits almost idle near my waiting room as a testament to ‘dentistry with integrity’.

Now, when it comes to electronic toothbrush technology I have tried it all. I moved back to using a soft bristle manual toothbrush. I found that I could do a better job of keeping my teeth and gums free of bacterial plaque and food debris by using good technique with manual dexterity; after all, I am a dentist. The key is manual dexterity, but for those who don’t have it, they could benefit from an electric toothbrush. I recommend electric toothbrushes to those who have difficulties due to injury, arthritis, loss of strength and dexterity in their hands or just if they are plain lazy and need something to help overcome and motivate them to brush–and floss of course!

The problem I found with electric toothbrushes is what I call a false reliance on the mechanisms of the toothbrush to clean the teeth. That combined with the bulkiness of the handle that houses the rechargeable battery; these toothbrushes are clunky and harder to maneuver.  In addition, I had a hard time keeping the toothbrush itself clean. Imagine that, having a hard time cleaning the toothbrush that cleans your teeth. I would clean the mildew that developed on the base crevices in the charger with a manual toothbrush! Oh, and one other thing, I hurt and damaged my gums and my teeth after they became sensitive from some of the stiff and tough plastic bristles that are designed into some of the rotating-oscillating toothbrush heads. I find that most people use electric toothbrushes whether sonic, ultra-sonic or rotating-oscillating simply based on preference.  For those who do use these toothbrushes, I’ve encouraged them to switch up their routine and rotate (no pun intended) between their electric and manual toothbrush. This allows them to reap the benefits of both.

In comes the quip toothbrush, the so-called Tesla of toothbrushes. I decided I needed to try it out and I was pleasantly surprised. It runs on a AAA battery that is easy to replace and eliminates the need for an electric cord in a wet environment. The absence of a cord and rechargeable battery leaves less of an environmental footprint which is conscientious. They also keep you accountable to change your brush heads with their subscription program which delivers brush heads automatically every 3 months. Its design has a sleek and ergonomic handle making the toothbrush as maneuverable as a manual toothbrush, while adding the sonic mechanism to boost the cleaning effect! I get the best results when I brush just as if I was using a manual toothbrush and that’s how I instruct my patients to do it.  Finally, the cost is not inhibitive (starting at $25), which allows you to get multiple ones for your family and travel without worry. In short, the quip toothbrush does the job of an electric toothbrush without losing the benefits of a manual brush. The quip itself is clean, conscientious to the environment and cost-effective.

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