What Does a Dentist and Cartoonist Have in Common?

November 6, 2015
Slim Dental Kids Reception desk

As the Peanuts movie is opening in theaters, I am reminded of an inspiring quote I once read from my favorite cartoonist Charles M. Schultz:


“If I were a better artist, I’d be a painter, and if I were a better writer, I’d write books.. but I’m not, so I draw cartoons!”

–Charles M Schultz

Drawing cartoons was a hobby of mine growing up.  While I was academically strong in science I always had hobbies in art. I can relate to Schultz’s sentiment because I feel dentistry is a mixture of science and art much like cartooning is a mixture of writing and art.

I can say this for myself:

If I were a better artist, I’d be a sculptor, and if I were a better scientist, I’d research materials…but I’m not, so I do dentistry!–Stephen Lim, DDS.

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COVID-19 During NY On Pause

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