STA System

Doctor dentist holding syringe, needle stabs into upper jaw of a model skull above the teeth, pursuing dental anesthesia procedure

STA (Single Tooth Anesthesia) System in Grand Central & Rockefeller Center, NY

The STA System is an innovative, clinically-proven way to achieve more precise injections and improved drug delivery with higher patient comfort levels. This new technology delivers real-time visual and audible feedback, providing information on the exit pressure of the anesthetic and the type of tissue encountered. This provides Dr. Lim with accurate feedback on each individual patient.

No More Painful Shots

The STA handpiece is engineered for an easier and more controlled fluid flow, allowing our dentisits to administer precise, pain-free anesthetic delivery without collateral numbing.

This system is perfect for general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry,
much to the relief of the apprehensive.

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